Daikodo (Great Lecture Hall) | 大講堂
Entrance of the Daikodo | 大講堂入口
Yumedono (Hall of Dreams) | 夢殿
Shoryoin (a temple dedicated to the worship of Shotoku Taishi) | 聖霊院
Shoro (Bell Tower) | 鐘楼
Toin-shoro (Bell Tower) | 東院鐘楼
Kumimono (braiding: Japanese National Treasure Architectural Style)| 組物
Goju-no To (Five-storied Pagoda) | 五重塔
Kondo (left: Main hall) and Gojyu-no to (right: Five-storied pagoda) | 金堂と五重塔
View of the temple from the middle gate | 中門から寺院内を望む
Sando (entrance path) | 参道
Goju-no To (Five-storied Pagoda) | 五重塔
HORYUJI | Oldest Wooden Architecture

Horyuji temple, Nara, JAPAN | DMS: 34° 36′ 51.39″ N, 135° 44′ 3.25″ E

Digital work for Albumen print series XⅤ
Digital negative is converted to positive and digitally output.
Landscape of Silk road  in the various countries of Eurasian
Photograph of Silk-road-journey by HashiLaboratory | Japanese photographer and researcher
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