38°46'59.4"N, 9°29'41.5"W
38°47'04.6"N, 9°29'45.4"W
38°47'01.7"N, 9°29'41.7"W
38°46'56.3"N, 9°29'42.7"W
38°47'04.9"N, 9°29'45.7"W
38°46'51.4"N, 9°29'55.4"W
38°47'05.0"N, 9°29'42.6"W
38°46'51"N, 9°30'02"W
The Western End
Onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa

The journey that started on the Silk Road from Japan by land ended here 
at the westernmost point of Continental Eurasian, Cabo da Roca.

Cabo da Roca, Distrito de Lisboa, Portuguese Republic
DMS: ​​​​​​​38°46'51.0"N, 9°30'02.0"W

Digital work for Albumen print series XⅥ
Digital negative is converted to positive and digitally output.
Landscape of Silk road  in the various countries of Eurasian
Photograph of Silk-road-journey by HashiLaboratory | Japanese photographer and researcher
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