Asuka village, Nara prefecture, JAPAN
Ryūgai-Temple known as Oka-temple "岡寺"  is called the "Dragon Lid" temple.
Asuka-temple "飛鳥寺" is one of Japan's oldest temples, where was founded in 596.
Tachibana-temple "橘寺" is known as the birthplace of Prince Shotokutaishi "聖徳太子", who was born in 572.
Traditional houses that remain in the Japanese countryside, Asuka village "明日香村"
ASUKA is the nostalgic image in Asuka village, Nara prefecture, JAPAN.
Oka-temple "岡寺", DMS : 34° 28′ 18.44″ N, 135° 49′ 42.14″ E
Asuka-temple "飛鳥寺", DMS : 34° 28′ 43.14″ N, 135° 49′ 12.64″ E
Tachibana-temple "橘寺", DMS : 34° 28′ 12″ N, 135° 49′ 5″ E
Asuka village "明日香村", DMS : 34° 28′ 16.7″ N, 135° 49′ 14.6″ E
Landscape photograph of Silk road  in the various countries of Eurasian
A series of Silk Road Journey works (color change version II) by HashiLaboratory that cross the Eurasian continent from Japan to Europe by land only.
Photograph of Silk-road-journey by HashiLaboratory | Japanese photographer and researcher
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